Things to Know about Travel to Nantucket:

Book flights early.  
There are many flights to Nantucket during the summer. For the best price and availability, the key is to book early.

Book accommodations early.
There are tons of rooms available but it’s a summer island, they will sell out quickly. Make a reservation early for the widest range of choices.

Book restaurant reservations in advance.
If there is a special restaurant you would like to visit while you are here, make a reservation in advance.

Frequently asked questions about Nantucket:

Is there a bridge to Nantucket?
No, Nantucket is an island off the coast of Cape Cod in Massachusetts and only accessible by sea and by air.

Where should I stay on Nantucket?
Nantucket offers a rich diversity of accommodations ranging from full-service resorts to quaint bed and breakfasts. While there are over 1200 rooms available there is also the option of renting a private home independently or through a real estate agent.

Do I need a car on Nantucket?
It is not necessary to bring a car to Nantucket. Bicycles are popular means of transportation, and there are paved bike paths leading to all ends of the island. Rental vehicles and taxis are also available, and the Nantucket Regional Transit Authority provides island wide seasonal shuttle service.

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